About the Attitude of Muslims to Oral Sex

About the attitude of Muslims to sex

In this article we'll discuss the attitudes of Muslims towards sex (Arabian سكس). The Prophet, in his 'ilm al-bah, encourages the nurturing of one's sexual instincts. However, it is forbidden to fornicate with someone outside of an ostensible 'illicit relationship.' Despite these rules, Islam encourages sexual intercourse. Listed below are some examples. 

Islam encourages nurturing of sexual instincts

In accordance with Islamic teachings, Islam recognizes the human need for sex, and believes that the sexual urge is a creative command from God. This urge is not equated with sin or guilt, and the Prophet Muhammad urged his followers to respect women and men's bodies. Islam has strict regulations governing sex, similar to those regarding eating and drinking habits. It does not encourage immoral behavior, but it does prohibit unrestrained sex.

سكس مصري

The concept of free sex in Islam is very different from the new sexual morality. It does not accept the concept of "free sex" and teaches its followers to suppress their urges and fulfil them responsibly. Hence, Muslims are encouraged to follow this principle. In addition to that, Islam does not condone homosexual behavior and believes in embracing heterosexuality. However, a man should never take an unprotected sex.

Adultery is considered a serious sex offense

In Islam, adultery is defined as the illicit sexual intercourse between a man and a woman wherein the male organ penetrates into the female organ. This law applies to married men and women alike, and is punished by death by stoning. While this punishment is strictly prohibited, some theologians and scholars argue that the Qur'anic teachings do not support the practice of stoning.

In addition, Muslim law defines adultery as a sex crime that can only be committed by Muslims living in a Muslim society. Non-Muslims, on the other hand, have no such laws. However, adhering to Islamic norms is a good way to remain in an Islamic society. The Quran also warns Muslims against marrying adulterous people. Similarly, a Muslim who commits adultery is forbidden to marry an adulterous person.

Sex outside of licit relationships is prohibited

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated that, when men and women meet, the devil is present as well. In premodern times, the Prophet also said that the devil is present when men and women meet. Muslim societies still consider women as the domain of the home, and most revivalists do not want to see women leave the home. But what is sex outside of a licit relationship anyway?

The Prophet Muhammad and Imams stressed that one should not engage in sexual intercourse in front of his wife, even when it is not forbidden. Abu Basir states that it is wrong to perform sex with your wife in front of the child. This will leave the child with a traumatic psychological experience that may cause problems later in life. In addition, the Prophet Muhammad has explicitly prohibited any sex with his wife in front of a child.

Promote sexual dynamics

Islamic sexology is not new, but the literature written by Muslim intellectuals has remained distinct. Arabic for 'knowledge of coitus,' 'ilm al-bah' offers scientific explanations of sex and offers practical advice, often informed by personal experience. Some authors have gone as far as promoting sexual acts, but these are not the most important works of sex literature.


The most important thing to remember about these works is that they have been published for centuries in most Islamic countries. The authors often describe or even promote sexual dynamics among Muslims, and this is not a good sign. They are based on the distorted perspective of 'Islamic' literature. This view is problematic for a number of reasons. First, most of the texts of 'ilm al-bah were in circulation for centuries in the Islamic world.

Differences in attitudes

Islamic law views sexuality as a gift from God, and the Prophet Muhammad is quoted as saying, "when men and women are together, the devil is third." Islam has always been anti-celibacy, but it is not unheard of for the Prophet to have several wives, including his famous child-bride, 'A'isha. Sexual regulation in Islam focuses on limiting disruption to society and controlling paternity and maternity.

Despite societal pressures against sex, Islam recognizes the need for sexual pleasure and gave women the right to divorce a man who did not fulfill her sex needs. In fact, Muhammad even gave women the right to divorce their husbands if their marriage did not provide them with the sexual pleasure they need. This is the primary difference between Islam and Christianity. But despite differences in Islamic attitudes toward sexuality, Islam's laws are a useful guideline for Christians.

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