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Safe, Easy and Long Lasting

blue mulch

Safest Landing Surface

The non-toxic material is naturally shock absorbent, providing a cushioned and resilient landing surface. No sharp edges means no slivers, cuts or scrapes that can result from wood chips or gravel.

Maintenance/Long Lasting

Eliminates the need to mow or trim around your playset, reducing maintenance and the possibility of damaging your playset in the process. No need to top off on an annual basis as you would with other, less inferior surfacing products such as wood fiber mulch.

No Muddy Areas

Rain water drains quickly through rubber mulch eliminating muddy areas.




Soft Landing Rubber Mulch


Soft Landing Rubber Mulch is a premium recycled rubber product designed to meet a wide variety of application needs. The Soft Landing Rubber Mulch has come to be the industry standard for quality and innovation in surfacing products. Whether your need is large or small, Soft Landing Rubber Mulch has the surfacing material you need, at a price you can afford. Link to Soft Landing Rubber Mulch


NuPlay Rubber Nugget Mulch



NuPlay Nugget Mulch, made from 100% recycled rubber, is the perfect loose-fill rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and commercial landscaping applications. Rated as the safest groundcover on the market, NuPlay also provides superior drainage and minimizes dust, keeping children clean while at play. Available in convenient 1.5 Cubic ft. bags (approx. 40 lbs.)
Choose from five colors: Redwood, Caribbean Blue, Earthtone, Forest Green, Classic Black. Click here for NuPlay Rubber Nugget Mulch 

FLexCourt Multi-Sport Surface


FlexCourt sports tiles feature a patented locking system that incorporates surface expansion technology. This produces the undisputed BEST surface performance in every climate condition. They are also heat reducing – no more scorching surfaces – and drain quickly so you are able to play no matter what season you’re in. Click here for FlexCourt Multi-Sport Surface


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